EarringsForever Affiliate Administration
What is the EarringsForever.com Affiliate Program?
The EarringsForever.com Affiliate Program is an excellent way to generate additional income and add value to your web site by linking to ours. We offer over 3,000+ affordable diamonds and jewelry at at low prices. Best of all, there is absolutely no cost to join, just register below and once we have approved you in 48 hours just come back to this page and login.
If you are existing member, please login.
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What banners can be used?
You can create your own banner according to the design of your site but below are some banners that you can use.
How does it Work?
EarringsForever.com will pay you an attractive commissions on purchases generated from your site. We handle all transactions, processing and customer service. We will even provide you a detailed online report that tracks your sales activity originating from your site.
What are Hidden Referral Links?
Hidden Referral Links are supported, hidden links are links without parameters or arguments. The referral links are compared to our database of affiliates and triggered when a referral link is found. The rest of the process is the same as the Standard Links.
Why EarringsForever.com?
EarringsForever.com is Online Jeweler since 2008 with over 20 years of experience offering affordable loose diamonds and diamond earrings. We offer a 30 Day Return Policy, Low shipping prices via FedEx and a member World Federation of Diamond Burses. Our staple products include: certified and non-certified loose diamonds, diamond stud earrings, gemstone earrings, earrings hoops and dangle earrings in White Gold, Yellow Gold and Platinum.
Why should I join the program?
Linking to EarringsForever.com offers your viewers a value added service that helps fulfill their overall shopping needs. This is a key sales opportunity to strengthen the long-term impact of your web site while elevating your status as a respected internet resource. As our partner, you decide how to integrate EarringsForever text links and banner images with your site. No matter how you design your interface, you’ll earn commission on purchases generated from your site using our link campaign. The more you refer, the more you earn.
EarringsForever.com Affiliate Program Details:
  • Join EarringsForever.com at zero cost.
  • Earn a generous referral fee per sale.
  • 30 days cookie - get credit for sales up to 30 days.
  • Get paid on a monthly basis.
  • No third party affiliate program which reduces your earnings.
  • Enhance your site with EarringsForever Products.
  • Use our Hidden Links technology - makes your site more organic.
  • Get banners you can easily use.
  • Check your earnings and traffic reports online anytime.
  • We handle the customer service, process the orders, ship the products and bill the customers.
What are you waiting for, grab this chance to earn some comission. Add the links, sit back and relax…
For questions regarding this program please contact us at Efor@EarringsForever.com